Skirt 'n' Shirt

by Kayla Kluver

I get the best little hit-of-happiness when a new purchase fits snugly into my existing wardrobe. It just buddy's up with my t-shirts and sweaters like it was always meant to be there. My leather skirt from Mango is the newest member of the family and it just seems to work with everything, it's so versatile! I've paired it with a sweater and trainers for the office and a turtleneck and booties for an evening out. This weekend I brightened things up with an orange top from O'Neill and my Zara heels which I just had re-soled. I bought them a couple years ago and they are hands down the most comfortable pair I own - they heel isn't too high and the ankle strap is sturdy and lets me stride confidently. Just £9 and I got them looking like new. Win. Before stepping out for dinner I added a black hat - I love hats but I have a tiny lil noggin so I am not able to find many that fit. What do you think of this look? Any new purchases paid off for you lately? Let me know below! KKxx 

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photo (8).JPG