Double Denim Days

by Kayla Kluver

Whenever possible, I try to potter around on my bicycle.  I'm not a weekday commuter mind you, the heavy traffic and men in lycra stress me out. But on weekends, I prefer to forgo the hot, sweaty, airless tube and use my bike to run errands or meet friends for coffee. I explore new streets and boroughs, get a bit of exercise (while still wearing cute shoes) and soak up the sunshine. Stress free commuting for cheap! This Sunday I went to the supermarket and out for cake/coffee in a laid back double denim ensemble - pairing boyfriend jeans (more comfortable than skinnies for cycling) and a denim jacket with a soft grey Topshop tee. I added my Zara flats for a touch of colour and away I pedalled...!  Hope you all had a lovely weekend KKxx