Death by Chocolate...

by Kayla Kluver

...or double cream. Actually, yep, it's definitely the large quantity of double cream in the homemade chocolate and hazelnut gelato that's going to kill me. But what a happy way to go. This weekend I had guests round for dinner and I wanted to impress with a decadent dessert. I had been holding on to a recipe for Chocolate & Hazelnut Homemade Gelato from the Chiappa sisters and this was the perfect chance to give it a whirl. The recipe was so simple and my god was the end result fantastic. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on when you ask me, I have a ton of leftovers  (If I had any self control this would be a good thing, but I just keep sneaking heaping spoonful's from the freezer until I'm so full I fear I'll never eat again).

The full recipe is available here:

Can't wait to experiment with different flavours!


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