Signature searching

by Kayla Kluver

Fashion is ever-changing. We can update, re-style or purge our wardrobes/beauty products to reflect new trends, our mood or our life-stage. And while I love the creativity and freedom this allows, I've always longed for a signature or two; specifically a scent and a lip colour (think Gwen Stefani and her cherry red pout). I'm talking serious brand loyalty here, regardless of the latest trend - i.e. buying in bulk for fear of a product discontinuation. I love the idea that these things will be stamped on the minds of my nearest and dearest, my future kids will lovingly (hopefully) remember the smell of my Narciso Rodriguez perfume (two spritzes each morning) and the exact shade of my *insert brand here* lipstick that they were constantly wiping off their cheeks after every hello/goodbye kiss. Cheesy, perhaps - but it's a nice thought.  I already have a scent I'm willing to be forever true to, so I'm on the hunt for the perfect lip-tint. These are the four I have on rotation at the moment - each have their place, but I think I need something less bold for everyday use. What do you think, is it practical to think one shade could work for the next forty years? Through sagging skin and greying hair? Do any of you have a signature shade or know someone who has always remained true-blue to a fashion or beauty product?