The travelling coat

by Kayla Kluver

This past weekend I finally boarded the Eurostar to Paris - and I say finally because I've lived in London for two years and have only just managed to make the relatively short journey. It was wonderful, the travel gods blessed us with plenty of sunshine and relatively small queues at all the major attractions.

I was only staying two nights, so I wanted to pack light. Actually, I didn't want to pack light, I just needed to prove to my boyfriend that it was possible (albeit secretly painful). See, I'm one of those travellers who packs in preparation for just about every situation, no matter how unlikely. I mean, no, I didn't use either pair of the sky high heels I brought with me on my last trip to the beaches of Kefalonia, but I slept better knowing I was covered if asked aboard some giant yacht for an impromptu black-tie soiree. You just never know.

So I decided to avoid multiples of space-hogging accessories and only brought one coat, one purse and one pair of shoes. I needed each of these items to work just as well for schlepping around the city during the day as they would for brassiere/bar hopping in the evening.  I chose, my black H&M trench (£29.99), my vintage red bag and my H&M animal print sneakers. Three of my daytime looks below. To segway into evening I only had to made a few small tweaks; change into dressier trousers and top, wear my trench draped over my shoulders and tuck away the straps of my purse to create a clutch. Easy peasy.

I was patting myself on the back, congratulating myself for my packing genius until I realised I would be expected to be this diligent on all future trips. Not.gonna.happen. KKxx


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