Planning for Paris

by Kayla Kluver


I'm heading to Paris in three weeks and I only know a handful of French words; bonjour, croissant, café au lait and vin. These, thank god, will leave me covered on the beverage and buttery pastry front but not much else. I studied Spanish in school so last time I was in France I kept saying "si" instead of "oui" and "gracias" instead of "merci" which makes very little sense as I was quite aware of what country I was in. I blame my nerves; I wanted so badly to impress with impeccable pronunciation and a spot on French accent that my brain slightly overheated from the pressure, blocking any coherent output. Embarrassing.

Linguistic failings aside, I cannot wait for my trip. So much to see, so much to do and so much wine to drink! I've started putting together my outfits - looking for classic pieces and clean lines; heels and brogues, structured coats, luxe trousers and heavy knits. Trying to replicate the chic and sophisticated style of the French woman. For evening, I could pair the outfit above with a camel coat draped over my shoulders (cape style) or my wide leg pinstripe trousers with a chic black turtleneck and black heeled booties. I still have a few weeks to plan. Cannot. Wait.