Cold Feet

by Kayla Kluver

Over the weekend I moved into a new flat with hardwood floors throughout. They are absolutely lovely to look at, but first thing in the morning they are bloody cold - farewell barefoot living (for the next few months at least). I already own a pair of raggedy old slippers - a cheapo pair I bought a couple years ago and have worn to death. The grip on the sole is all but worn away so I slide across the floor like Tom Cruise in Risky Business (and not on purpose, I swear). Sounds fun, but I'm beginning to think it's a safety hazard. Oddly, it was difficult to find a pair I really like - it's either uber frilly or ultra old (lady that is). Then I stumbled upon Anthropologie's faux fur slippers which look like just about the softest, most delicious thing I've ever seen. At £58 they aren't cheap, but I'm sure they are worth the dough. Maybe I'll ask Santa for this plush pair for Christmas. KKxx