Nap Hard

by Kayla Kluver

About three months ago I was graciously gifted a Zara gift-card (my friends knows me so well) but I only just got round to using it last week?! Not for lack of trying - I went in store half a dozen times to scope out the racks. But of course, when you have money to spend, you can't find anything. That, and I was exercising a surprising level of restraint - I wanted to use the gift card wisely, to treat myself to something I may not have purchased on my own dime. My patience paid off (eventually) because I stumbled across a pair of suede knee high boots with a chunky 60's style heel. They are surprisingly comfortable - by which I mean, when walking is kept to a minimum I can make it relatively blister free through a whole day - and the colour is warm and autumnal. I also picked up this black t-shirt that says "nap hard." I'm a big fan of a Saturday or Sunday curled up on the sofa so it just felt right. I styled my new treasures with faux leather leggings from Topshop and an H&M trench. We shot the outfit on an old bridge near my house - the railings were a great rusty red, but to be frank the location's desirability was mainly down to the fact that it was almost deserted - I get very self conscious having my picture taken while people pass by. What do you think? How would you style these boots? KKxx

**These photos are the property of Kayla Kluver**