New Year - New Closet

by Kayla Kluver

Love it or loathe it, it's the time of year for New Year's resolutions. I've tried all the usual's; forgo coffee (that lasted a week), give up wine (less than a week) raw food diet (fail) but all left me feeling miserable. So this year I'm going to attempt something that I can actually achieve - something I can check off my to do list with a smug smile on my face and a glass of red in my hand. Best of all, it's something I should be able to maintain. Drum roll please...I'm going to gut and rebuild my wardrobe! Not just the usual shuffle around of items, but a full purge to start the year off right.

Tossing out the old stuff will be easy, but building my wardrobe back up will take time. The biggest challenge will be changing how I shop - I need to reign in those pesky impulse buys that leave me with a closet full of pieces, but no outfits!

Here goes!

Rules for the purge:

1. Everything out of the closet!


2. Make three piles; toss, mend/clean, keep.

3. If it hasn't been worn in a year (and has no sentimental value) than OUT! No excuses.

4. Stash clothes from last season (in my case summer) into the attic. When you open your wardrobe it should be a breeze to sift through and filled with things you can wear right now.

5. Hang like items together.


6. Look for missing pieces. Do you have a skirt you love, but no top to match? Take the skirt along next time you go shopping and find it a mate (bonus if it works with some of your other items). No point letting a good thing go to waste!


I donated a full rubbish bag of clothes to Oxfam and brought another to the dry cleaners. I know I need a new white button up blouse (old one went in the bin, it was stained and off-white after so many washes) and a black pair of cigarette trousers to dress-up all my chunky knits!


Now for the fun part - the shops!

Happy sorting!

KK xxx